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There has been a great deal of speculation about the CORONA Phase II this coming winter.  The prognosticators have warned that it will be even more serious than what the world is expecting at this very moment.  While we have no guarantees either way, we can guard against viruses the natural way.  Many of you might argue that you can not grow your own herbs.  You don't need a garden, a veranda will do just fine.  Another possibility is to grow plants indoors, near windows.  Small pots will suffice.


Ginger Bay  Cinnamon Turmeric Lemmon Grass Thebu Kola


A Popular Ayurveda treatment to stay healthy during this CORONA Pandemic is the use of natural herbs.  One popular treatment is a tea made from:



To 8 oz of Water or more add (the objective is to obtain 8 oz of tea.)

Ginger Root (2 tablespoons - raw)

Coriander Seed (2 tablespoons roasted)


Cinnamon leaf

Bay leaf

Fresh Rosemary

Lemmon Grass if available

Boil 3-5 minutes then let simmer for 7-10 minutes





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