Eureka Lime

RGH 0011



This plant prefers plenty of light.  Water regularly.  Do not allow the soil to dry out.  Fertilize occasionally.  Produces large edible, lemon-sized, bright green fruits following delicious fragrant blossom. An ideal subject for a large container on a sunny patio.

Stunning plants with glossy, dark green foliage, strongly scented white flowers and bear fruit from late spring to late summer. They are hardy to -5C.  They can also be grown in a well drained pot in a sheltered spot outdoors!


$45.00 + 12.5 shipping and handling for (3 ft tree) RGH 0011A

4-6 ft $ 65.00 RGH 0011B + 12.50 Shipping and handling





Eureka Lemon

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