Thebu Kola

(Costus speciocus)

Because of the higher prevalence of non-communicable diseases more people are seeking ways to prevent disease episodes. The foods one consumes play an important role in the prevention of many diseases. Eating green leaves in any form has many health benefits. Thebu Leaves (Thebu Kola - Costus speciocus) is one of those green leaves which is becoming well known for its health benefits.  Parts of this plant are widely used in Ayurveda medicine.  Thebu Leaves (Thebu Kola) are said to benefit diabetes patients as it can lower blood sugar level. There are many other health benefits of this plant. According to Ayurveda Doctor S.M.A.R Senevirathna, director of D.B. Welagedara Ayurveda Hospital in Kurunagala, Thebu Leaves can stimulate appetite, control phlegm and bile, treat skin diseases, and control fever and cough. Ayurveda benefits of Thebu plants are not limited to its leaves. The Thebu Plant Root is also edible and has its own health benefits. Itís anti-oxidant properties help to control inflammatory conditions in the liver such as hepatitis and in the lungs such as pneumonia.


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